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Casca Horse Co.
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Mares for Sale

Cheyenne Satus
Cheyanne Satus,this is a super King Fritz bred mare,90 days reining training,IFT grandson of Bueno Chex,this mare is a super opportunity.I cant say enough about her,just a lovely mare with a super pedigree bred to a great stallion..I know her and I WANT her!
Click on her pic to see pic of the stallion she is bred to and more pics of her and a pedigree
5000.00 exposed to stud

Silver Gulla Filly
Click on the picture to see more gorgeous colored Poco Bueno/King foals


Boogers Quixote


Cee Booger Red bred mare,bred to Docs Tuf Star Bird also.Has roping traing...more info to come...
email me for more information