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Casca Horse Co.
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Stallions/colts for sale

Colts!!! If you are looking for a stud prospect for your foundation program,any of these colts can put you on the map...All sired by Merlin,except cremello who is by a son of Merlin,Captain,who is shown on reference stallions page also..These will go fast,as colts of this caliber,color and price are rare...This is a proven breeding program,all these colts are correct,have outstanding disposition,and are offered very reluctantly for sale Again Merlin is gone and this is the last of these to be offered for sale..I have been looking for a foundation stud prospect for years,and one of these will be coming to my house .Best kept foundation secret in the country,and I am very proud to represent them..

Grey colt sired by Poco Merlin
Click n pic to see dams pedigree

Grey colt {above}
25% Poco Bueno,18.25% Jessie James grey colt.Looong legs, super conformation, great disposition, kind & gentle.
Last of the line, a colt out of Poco Merlin's last foal crop.
He will grow up to be anything you want him to be.

Buckskin colt sired by Poco Merlin,
Click on pic to see dams ped


Poco Merlin
Click on picture to see pedigree and more pics
Poco Merlin{reference sire}above
Dark Palomino Colt,not a chocolate,but awful close I think.This will be a breathtaking stud..he has it all!
Pedigree,conformation,color and temperment to do it all...Theres not alot to say about him except he will be someones stallion and put them on the map if given the chance..
Click on picture for full pedigree
Heres the opposite end of this colt!
And his incredible momma for reference