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Casca Horse Co.


Thank you for taking time to visit our website,if you are serious about Quarter horses,I think youll be glad you did....

My name is Amy Casca and I am an independent horse broker/agent..

I am located in Wa state although the horses you see on this website will be located in many locations around the U.S.

I have worked very hard over the years to locate some what I think is the best breeding programs,and most dedicated and reputable breeders in the united states.I hope youll give me a chance to help you find exactly what you are looking for!


If you dont see what you are looking for here on the website...Please email me with the specifics,as I have hundreds of other listings..I just cant possibley put on the website,the ones that you see here,are my initial attempt at doing this website on my own!...I am especially proud of the foundation bloodlines that my clients have,,,If you are interested in ...KingP234.Poco Bueno.King Fritz,.Leo,Bert,Harlan,Hancock,King ranch,Three Bars,Driftwood,Skipper W,etc...Please at least let me know what you are looking for...I have clients that raise all of those that may have just what you are looking for!

This months featured horse...

Poco Merlin Black

Poco Merlin Black... This is the Blacks first year ar stud to the public,he was bred to one mare last year and sired a gorgeous grulla colt.This colt is bred in the purple for cow horse,sired by a grandson of Poco Bueno and out of a grandaughter of Jessie James..Black has the same kind,sensible and super trainable disposition that his sire had,and always passed along to his foals.Blacks pedigree is loaded with color,Merlin sired almost nothing but color,and Im sure Black will also..Click on his pic to go to more pics and a pedigree..Black is offered this year at a very reasonable introductory fee to approved mares,and he is also offered for sale at this time..He is riding well has had some early rope training and is very easy to deal with in all respects. If he isnt sold soon,he will be standing here in Washington with me for the year of 2004,if someone is interested in breeding to him in washington this year,we can make arrangements for that.This colt is a real opportunity for someone either as a herd sire,or the sire of your next foal... $15,000.00
Please email with any questions or requests,or just to talk horses!

Casca Horse Co.
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